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Our Story

OMGolly warehouse is located in Margate, Florida, we have been working locally for over 3 years

Nedia Lago, the CEO of OMGolly Candles Shop, discovered her passion for candle-making during a tough divorce. Originally a Fashion Designer in Brazil, she shifted careers upon moving to the US in 2010 due to market challenges. The journey hasn't been without its challenges, but Nedia's unwavering belief in the power of dreams fuels her relentless pursuit of growth. Each day sees new creations, product expansions, and partnerships with local shops and markets. Her sense of fulfillment and pride emanates from the sheer perseverance that refused to succumb to adversities. In Nedia's world, dreams aren't just fleeting wishes; they're the steadfast pillars that fortify her resolve, inspiring others to embrace their aspirations and navigate through life's obstacles with unwavering determination.